The Principles of Web Shui

The Principles of Web Shui
"The basics of owning a successful web site"

Important Elements of Successful Web Sites.
The more you use, the better your site will perform.
Target and plan for your goals first!!!
Always know what results you desire.
Do not wait till you have "something" up to make site design plans.
You can make your site work for you from day one if that is your intention.
A site should flow like a peaceful river
with easy navigation between ports.
The simplest addition of navigation links make a BIG difference,
if you want visitors to like your site be sure to make it easy to navigate.
Content is King! Always have some kind of
content for your visitors. Content = Visitors.
Visitors will come for the content and stay or return to do business.
Even if they are not customers right now, they will be someday.
A time for haste! Fast loading sites are
always enjoyed more than slow sites.
Keep your page load times as short as possible, visitors will smile more.
Never force anyone to sit through a long page load if they are not expecting it.
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Interaction helps visitors feel more of
a connection with you and your site.
Offer a few different interactions, questions, suggestions, mailing lists, etc.
Everyone likes a little interaction as long as it is enjoyable or informative.
Think of color as a collective sensation,
make sure each page has some color to it.
Use enough color on each page to make it look nice, even if it is just your logo.
Even black text on a white background can look good with a little color.
Invite or give good reasons to return,
offer an invitation, there is always hope.
Always thank folks for visiting and ask them to please return again.
If you thank customers when they visit your store, do the same on the web.
Keep it simple, Simple + Easy = Smiles!
Simplicity is the product of profound thought.
If visitors have to work hard to purchase products from your site, they won't.
If it takes too much thought to buy something from your site, sales will be low.
Promotion is the ONLY way to be found.
Spread the word, on and off the web.
Everything with your company name on it should have your URL printed also,
it is always best for future site visitors to know your URL before they need it.
All roads lead to you. Several web pages will
always bring in more visitors than just one.
Several entry pages will bring many more visitors to your site, if you
promote each page properly, you can greatly increase your site traffic.
Change is a natural state, your web site
should evolve, grow and never be static.
Make sure your site is ever changing, visitors will know if you change it 
often. Offer new product or information monthly, visitors will return to see it.
Make the web a part of all that you do,
your site should reflect everything you are.
If you have something new to offer your customers, put it on your site first.
Post frequently asked questions or recurring information on your web site.
Pretend your site is the way most people
will eventually meet you, because it is!!!
First impressions only happen once, maintain your site in that light.
Even current customers like to feel welcome and appreciated.
Being bookmarked is a high complement,
be friendly enough to suggest it to visitors.
Politely remind visitors to bookmark your site, it helps them and you.
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Build a viewership audience by offering
newsletters, giveaways & information.
Keep in touch with customers with newsletters and "web inducements"
Offer monthly specials, information  and prizes for regular site visitors.

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